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What Makes A Good Expository Essay – A Writing Guide

As is the case with any kind of academic essay, the best way to write a good one is to ensure that you have following three things in order: You’ve done enough research on the subject itself, you know your sources to make your theories more authentic, and you know the format and arrangement for this particular kind of writing.

What is an expository essay?

  • - In simple terms, this kind of a paper will explore a certain idea or a theory and will prove it by means of either simply defining it and providing examples; or by the means of comparison and contrasting it with other subjects or theories. This is how it is different from an opinion piece.
  • - In fact this sort of writing can be successfully accomplished in several other ways, but the above two are the most effective.
  • - This is the most common format that is assigned by schools and colleges as a test on a certain subject.

How can you write it well?

  • - As mentioned previously, the key to writing it well is by understanding how it is different from an opinion piece. This means that you need to provide as much evidence as you can to prove your theory, it should not just be an idea that you have but rather a subject that you are exploring by means of research.
  • - This is the reason why you need to mention your thesis statement, in a clear and concise manner in the opening paragraph of your paper itself. This will ensure that your reader knows just what you are exploring in your work.
  • - Format your paragraphs correctly. This means that the body of your paper should be divided into paragraphs and each of these should ideally have only one theme point each. The idea is to state the point and then discuss it using evidence and citations from other sources.
  • - Some kind of evidence. This is for when you are asked to write this paper on the spot or without any prior preparation. In such cases, the evidence that you provide will have to be based on your prior studies, logic or even anecdotes if you have any. The task is to make sure that your writing proves your point and is grounded in real facts.

The basis of a good expository essay lies on how well you tackle the subject and provide evidence. Formatting it correctly in fact is as important.