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Planning Your Paper: What Is The Structure Of An Academic Essay?

An academic essay is any essay written with the intention of persuading the reader or informing them of a particular topic. There are many different styles to utilize when constructing this type of paper and most are acceptable by most institutions. Despite the many options available, there are several steps involved in writing an academic essay that are common to all styles and should be followed when writing a paper of any type. Here is an outline of the structure of an academic essay:

  1. Title.
  2. The title of any academic report or article should reflect the content stated following. Titles are also necessary to properly classify the work and add it to a section of study where it gets easier to navigate to. One must contemplate heavily on this aspect of the paper because it sets the tone and purpose of the read.

  3. Introduction.
  4. The initial remarks of any article should contain ideas and sentences that excite interest within the intended scope of readers. Any thesis and dissertation statements should be placed here.

  5. Evidence.
  6. In this section one should describe the methods and apparatus used, explain the prospected outcomes of the undertaking and highlight all personnel and preexisting theories used. Data presented here should be structured simply and directly even if you have to include opinions. Careful not to overpopulate this section with trivial data or encourage separate discussions that lead nowhere.

  7. Discussion.
  8. At this point the experiment should have been completed triggering all members involved to hold a meeting to discuss the findings. The ideas and theories raised here should also be recorded here. This section targets those who have thoughts on these very matters and briefly discusses them.

  9. Conclusion.
  10. After the meeting all conclusions and related information to back it up should be written here. Whether or not the results proved the hypothesis or thesis statements being tested and any relations to other experiments conducted or being conducted presently should also be stated here.

  11. Reference.
  12. A section that states information on the sources sought during the session needs to exist, therefore, this part is all about that. Quotes, excerpts and influencing theories from external independent parties should be placed here in full detail with notations. Certain reports require the acknowledgment of the brand and model of apparatus and gear used in the experiment so you should find out if your paper requires this.