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Useful Directions On How To Begin An Evaluation Essay

If you asked to write an evaluation essay you asked to be a critic. You are asked to make of a judgment on something and that something could be film, a meal in the restaurant, books, some sort of event such as a festival or a sporting activity or simply a product. You are writing an essay in which you express your opinion about the worth or otherwise of the topic. And just like any essay you are asked to write, the beginning is all-important.

You are always told that the introduction of your essay needs to hook the reader. The fact that the reader is probably your teacher or the person evaluating your essay is not the point. Yes, they have to read the essay as part of their job that's not to say you shouldn't consider them your audience and do everything you can to grab their attention. When you begin your evaluation essay you need to state very clearly what it is you are evaluating. Your beginning should also include what is to come. It doesn't need a spoiler alert because you're not going to give away the answer or the comments that you're going to make but you certainly need to make the reader want to read more.

Tell a story

One of the best ways to begin an evaluation essay is to tell a story. It might be recounting a story you've seen in the film or book you are evaluating. Or it might simply be an interesting story which will help you make the point you wish to make in evaluating the product. The story grabs the reader’s attention. Of course it must be an interesting story and above all it must be brief. Never has ‘less is more’ been more appropriate than in an evaluation essay.

The setting is really important

The context in which you are making your evaluation needs to be explained from the beginning. If this event or book took place some time ago the historical context is vitally important. In short you are setting the scene. In your introduction explain the reason you chose the topic for evaluation. That's another important piece of background information which not only sets the scene, it helps the reader look forward to what is coming.

Unusual or interesting facts are always worth considering. There is nothing worse than the reader of your evaluation essay reading what they expect to read. If you can find even one surprising piece of information that is relevant to your evaluation then seize upon it.