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A List Of Strong Opinion Essay Topics You Can Investigate

What’s an opinion essay? It’s a sort of academic writing that demands your opinion on a certain subject. The opinion that you provide should be stated clearly and strongly, with the help of enough reliable proofs and arguments. Quite often, students who want their projects to sound even more powerful include an additional paragraph that speaks out an opposite opinion.

If you are going to write such a paper, you need to choose an interesting topic that will allow you to speak out your mind and create a good paper. As a rule, there are special lists of topics that are suggested by teachers. Sometimes, students are allowed to create their own topics. If you are one of them and are free to choose whatever you like, check out the list below and choose whatever you feel suitable for your opinion essay.

  1. Why do people decide to study? What’s the reason why they go into further education after school graduation?
  2. Why is it often said that there are no better teachers than parents? Do you agree with the statement?
  3. Has the invention of fast food improved or spoiled the quality of modern people’s life?
  4. What’s your opinion on the problem of building of massive objects like factories, highways, shopping malls, etc. close to residential buildings?
  5. What, to your mind, could be changed in the way your hometown lives?
  6. Is it true that video games and watching a lot of television have spoiled teenagers’ behavior, adding violence and cruelty?
  7. Has the Internet and smartphones ruined the normal communication within families, circles of friends, etc.?
  8. What would you prefer: a big megalopolis or a quiet small town? What’s your reason?
  9. Do you agree with a statement that talent plays a very little role in a person’s success while the majority is gained by working hard?
  10. When traveling abroad, would you like to visit museums, or would you prefer to walk around, speculating the life in the strange place?
  11. What should the ideal relations between neighbors be? Do you think that you are a perfect neighbor?
  12. Would you be happy if you hear that they are going to build a new restaurant in your area? What’s the reason to oppose this plan, to your mind?
  13. What do you think about studying without a teacher? Can such learning be effective? Why or why not?