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A List Of 20 Interesting Essay Topics About Divorce

The topic of divorce is extremely broad and covers a very large area that you can write about. You must narrow down the subject into a much smaller topic before you can begin to write any type of essay. One of the best ways to do this is to use the brainstorming technique. You can set the timer for about 2 minutes and write down anything that comes to your mind about the subject of divorce. When you get to 10 topics, you can stop or stop when the timer goes off.

Once you have those 10 topics, you can eliminate half of them if you think you will have a hard time finding adequate research about them. Of the 5 topics that are left, choose three of them that you feel would be interesting to your readers. Try to choose some that maybe haven’t been written about constantly. Once you have it narrowed down to three, choose the one you think is the most interesting. You will be writing about it so it may as well be something of interest to you.

Here are some examples of 20 interesting essay topics about divorce that may stir your mind:

  1. Does divorce cause more danger to children than parents staying together and not loving each other?
  2. Does divorce cause depression or depression cause divorce?
  3. How much does the economy play a part in divorce?
  4. If one spouse is physically abused, should they immediately get divorced?
  5. How can you keep a child from blaming themselves for a divorce?
  6. How can you raise a healthy child from a broken home?
  7. Does divorce affect a male child different than a female child?
  8. Does the age of a child make a difference on how divorce affects them?
  9. Does divorce increase aggression in male children?
  10. Does a female child become more independent because of a divorce?
  11. Does divorce increase juvenile delinquency?
  12. Should divorce be allowed just because people don’t get along anymore?
  13. Does the 50/50 sharing of children from a broken home cause problems for the child?
  14. Should divorce be as easy as getting married?
  15. At what age can a child decide which parent they want to live with in a broken home?
  16. Should the economic situation of the parent be the sole reason for having a child to live with them?
  17. How does a divorce cause problems for the extended family?
  18. Should grandparents be allowed visitation to the grandchildren as well?
  19. Is there a direct correlation between divorce and a drop in grades at school?
  20. What are the statistics involving getting married to young and getting divorced?

If you are still looking for essay topics for divorce, look closer at this site and you will find the answers you need.