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A List Of Unique 8th Grade Informative Essay Topics

Another name for this type of essay is expository essay. Its purpose is to educate the reader about a specific topic. There are no opinions in this type of paper, and the writer doesn’t need to convince or persuade the reader to change a belief or adopt a new one. In other words, the 8th grade student is just expected to present some information, as unbiased as possible. It’s up to the reader what to think about the given information.

Sometimes the student may be given a prompt they must use. In that case, a topic doesn’t have to be chosen. Instead, have the student think about a term they want to define, two things they want to compare or contrast, some data that needs to be analyzed, or a process to provide a how-to about.

To choose the topic, here are some great ideas to ponder about.

  • - Write about your favorite hobby.
  • - What are the rules of the game of football?
  • - How does American football differ from European soccer, also named football?
  • - How to wipe the memory of a laptop computer.
  • - What is the best way to make friends in school?
  • - How to keep your homework done every day.
  • - How to put on make-up without a mirror.
  • - The history behind the First World War.
  • - How do you play the game of marbles?
  • - How to install music on your phone.
  • - The disadvantages to drinking soda every day.
  • - How to become healthier in only 30 minutes a day.
  • - How to choose your career path.
  • - How to make the world’s best pizza.
  • - Has internet replaced television?
  • - The biography of Albert Einstein.
  • - The biography of Marie Curie.
  • - How to become a famous scientist.
  • - How to use magnets in everyday life.
  • - Why do people have nightmares?

After they have chosen their topic, the research phase begins. This starts with understanding the assignment. If the teacher has specified that only certain types of resources may be used, then do most of the research within those types of resources. Know how many words or pages are required. Additionally, how are references to be cited? All these are parts of an 8th grade paper. There may be additional formatting requirements.

A rough draft should be written first, without too much attention being paid to correcting spelling and other errors. These can be fixed in the final proofreading. Make sure the student has some help with proofing the final copy.