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Writing Tips: The Best Way To Organize A Narrative Essay

When you are writing a narrative essay, you have to take into consideration these things before you can say it’s done for good. There are multiple aspects to it, although it’s fairly simple, but still, there are a few parts that you should do right, and this can become quite tricky if you don’t organize yourself properly. If you don’t at least some sort of an outline, a place to start and a place to finish, the process and the end result will be pretty chaotic, that why, if you want to do a great job, you have to take the time before you start to organize everything. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you are writing such an essay.

  • - The topic. Well this is by far the most important part, and it’s the first one as well. In a narrative essay, you basically tell a story. It doesn’t have to be something personal, although it usually is, and you have to give the audience something they can extract and learn from that story. You can’t just tell a funny story, it has to be something that has some sort of a deeper meaning hidden between the lines, so the audience remains with something from it. So choose the story you are about to tell very carefully.
  • - Try to avoid long discussions. Get right into the middle of it, present the story in an action-packed way. Don’t bore the people with too many unnecessary details, just give them a basic idea on how you ended up in that certain spot in the introduction, and then start presenting them the action itself.
  • - The point. Like I said in the first part, you have to have a story with a lesson. Decide before you start what you have learned from that experience, something that everybody will go through at some point in their life and they will need this insight that you are offering, they will do better than you if they keep in mind the mistakes that you did and how the end result could have been if you have acted differently. That’s what you are trying to do here, basically, educate the audience in a simple manner, the same adults do to kids with some stories, or how religion does it with their stories as well. Give the people something to extract.v