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6 Great Ideas For A Middle-School Essay About A Music Festival

The subject of music festivals won’t leave you unmoved since it is both a current and an entertaining issue. Due to this, it can be developed into a great topic idea for your middle-school essay. However, if you don’t know what kind of paper you are to produce and what specific topic to choose, the task may turn into a true challenge.

Defining an Essay Type

At a middle-school level, students are commonly asked to compose expository papers. This is where they should inform, explain, or analyze a topic and back it up with credible facts and details. However, you may also share your personal experience on the issue. In this case, you will create a personal narrative or a descriptive paper.

Ideas Worth Your Attention

  1. Origins of music festivals.
  2. The term “festival” isn’t something new. Find out when this term was applied in its modern sense and where the first music festival took place. Share this knowledge in your essay.

  3. Evolution of a particular music festival.
  4. Pick any local or international music festival and dig deeper into its history. Learn what it was in the past and compare it with the modern state of affairs. Did it change for the better or for the worse?

  5. Music festivals to convey popular ideas of reality.
  6. Music is a common way to share our feelings, fears, problems, or beliefs. Music festivals can be perceived in this perspective as well. Analyze the program of any music festival and try to understand what people think about and how they feel these days.

  7. Description of a particular music festival.
  8. In your essay, create a vivid picture of the festival you have recently attended. Where and when the event took place? What was the atmosphere? What performers impressed you the most? How did you feel then? Your task is to show, so make sure that you appeal to all of the reader’s senses.

  9. American music festivals versus European music festivals.
  10. Compare a national music festival that is held in the US to a festival in any European country. Analyze how their programs differ and in what ways they are similar. How are these music events affected by the national identity of the participants?

  11. Educational value of music festivals.
  12. Music festivals are commonly treated as the kinds of entertainment. However, most of them carry deep educational value. Pick any local, regional, or national music festival and analyze what aims it pursues and what one can learn upon attending the event.