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List Of 25 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics For College

In writing a college-level argumentative essay you should strive to come up with a highly interesting topic you care about as a means of communicating to the reader your passion and enthusiasm towards an issue. Here is a list of 25 really interesting argumentative essay topics for you to choose from:

  1. Should college students be required to provide evaluations of their instructors?
  2. Do you think it’s fair to randomly test college students for drug or alcohol use?
  3. Do you think schools should do away with standardized testing in specific subjects?
  4. Do you believe that your high school handed out too many passing grades?
  5. Should popular culture be added as a subject in higher education institutes?
  6. What do you think about computer grading systems of all your assignments?
  7. Do you think recruiting practices by college athletics departments are ethical?
  8. Do you think there should be more healthy options in all vending machines?
  9. Do you think chain restaurants should be forced to donate unpurchased food to food banks?
  10. How effective are online reviews in deterring companies from ripping you off?
  11. Do you think college athletes should receive some kind of monetary compensation?
  12. If you could give out any type of award within an industry of your choice what would it be?
  13. Do you think the computer is an effective tool for learning in a college course?
  14. Should public libraries ban its patrons from accessing certain types of websites?
  15. Do you believe technology companies should be forced to provide support in investigations?
  16. Should social media sites be allowed to collect information about your browsing history?
  17. Are certain subjects easier for specific genders and should this be factored in instruction?
  18. Should high school classes be divided by gender to decrease harassment and distraction?
  19. Do you think all college campuses should be closed to the public allowing for just students?
  20. Should students spend less time at school during the weekdays and go six days?
  21. Should the legal drinking age be lowered to 18 across the United States?
  22. Do you believe that bullying is a national problem or have we become more sensitive?
  23. Do you think it’s fair to have age restrictions on athletes within certain sports?
  24. Where do think is the dividing line between truth and fiction when it comes to divorce?
  25. Do you think that cheating at the college level has gotten better or worse than years ago?