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15 Catchy Topics For Your Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative assignment can be a challenging task because you do not only have to pen down certain information about a given subject but also convince the audience of your ideas. In this type of paper, you have to make sure that you choose a stance and then stay by that stance in the rest of your assignment. You cannot simply create an argument without taking a side so it is must to take a stance on the given subject. Once you have a firm stance, you should find data both logical and factual to support this and convince your audience that your ideas are right. You will use the introduction to present your ideas and stance, while the body to show the major arguments and supporting evidence. When you reach your conclusion, the readers should be convinced that your ideas are right and you can restate your thesis to emphasize and show the larger significance of work

The topic of your assignment is critical because it helps you choose the direction of your work and defines the purpose of your assignment to the readers. The topic of your paper should support the type of assignment and allow space for an argument. If you are to choose a winning topic, you should make sure that it is unique and based on your original ideas. Do not talk about over dragged topics or obsolete ideas in your topic. If you are not sure how to choose a winning topic for your paper, you should consider the following examples. These are only suggestions that you can edit and improve to use in your paper

Topics worth considering for an argumentative assignment

  1. Drug abuse and drug use are two different things in comparison not the same
  2. Substance abuse for better performance in sports is illegal and unethical
  3. Being fat or short heighted should not be something to be ashamed of
  4. Bullying effects the self-confidence and self-esteem of students in young age
  5. Global terrorism should not target one nation or one ethnicity to be responsible
  6. Small states are better than big ones
  7. Urban life is better than rural
  8. Movies are not like real life
  9. Fiction is better than action
  10. Listening to music increases productivity
  11. Less labor turnover is a good thing
  12. Workplace environment impacts the efficiency
  13. Having spectacles is cool
  14. High school is better than college
  15. Kindergarten should not be stressful