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Composing A Good Essay About Yourself; Basic Tips

This article will give some hints on how to compose a good essay about yourself. Reading that opening sentence your first thought is probably that this would be easy. The fact is if you do not know the basic steps in writing you will have trouble. The best thing about this paper is that you should definitely know the topic! The mistake you should avoid is not going off that subject. Follow these steps and you will assure yourself of a very well written piece of work.

  1. Being that you have the subject, now it is time to organize all the fantastic material you have on this awesome topic. The most common way is to use color coded flash cards. This means to organize your research in maybe years of your life. Decades would be easier if you had more than twenty years to write on.
  2. Go through your research and pick out at least five of the best topics for your thesis. Read through them and mark the two strongest of the five. Strategy will be used in this portion. Put those two in either the first or last paragraph. Placing those topic sentences at those locations make the opening and closing paragraphs the best. This is done to always keep the audience’s attention.
  3. When writing the paper do these things to strengthen your work. Practice your description skills. This means describe your people, places, and things. When the audience is reading your work they should feel like they are actually right there. Give the precise colors of things like the sky and the water. Explain everything you see and feel. Make the description jump off the paper.
  4. Write and read the paper over as many times you feel comfortable doing. This will make the mistakes easier to pick up on and correct. How many times have you seen mistakes on articles you have read in the past? This will also get you really familiar with your paper. Having a good flow to your writing is very important.
  5. Have a couple of friends read your paper to you. Ask them to tell you what the paper is about. This feedback can be very useful. If you are a shy person use the mirror. Be sure to always read the work out loud.
  6. The conclusion should summarize the body. It should contain shorter, more creative sentences. Be sure you do not use any new information in your conclusion. It should add more depth to the paper.

Essays are always difficult in the beginning. The more you write them, the easier it will get. The subject of yourself is not as easy as it seems but anything is possible if you put forth the effort.