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Helpful Pointers For Composing A Good Essay Title In Law

As a law student, you have to pay attention to every composition that you create. You know that one single word or number can destroy the entire composition; a law would not be the same if you change the meaning of the words. Even more than this, you always have to take into consideration the human factors and how people’s behavior can change. If you want to make a good composition, take a look at these title ideas:

  • Juvenile justice. When a child or teenager commits a crime, he is being judged by a juvenile judge and only certain laws apply to him. However, some take advantage of this as they know that they will not be punished because they are underage.
  • Rehabilitation is effective? As a lawyer, you have to get the best deal for your client. Very often you will ask the judge to put your client in a rehabilitation center, but is this truly effective? Can this stop someone from committing crimes in the future?
  • Marital rape. In most of the countries marital rape is not punished like normal, and the rapist gets away with only a few years of probation. Should the laws change?
  • Discrimination. You saw many times how people are discriminated because of their color or religion. The problem is that the laws regarding this issue are not clear, so it is difficult to charge someone who did this.
  • Corruption. In every country in the world there is corruption, and this is because the law is not clear and it does not apply to everyone. Politicians have the right to vote their own salaries or pensions, and this gives them the chance to take as much as they can.
  • Lawyer-client confidentiality. You know that you are not allowed to discuss with anyone the case of your client, but what about special cases? If you found out that your client is planning to do something illegal, can you go to the police with this without any moral obligation?
  • Death penalty. Should a judge have the right to take someone’s right to life if this person committed a severe crime? Some people think that this will keep the country safe, but others believe that it is an extreme and unnecessary measure. What is your country’s position in this and what do you think?