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10 Creative Ideas For Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay

In a compare and contrast essay, you should take at least two subjects and find their differences and similarities. For your paper to be successful, you should come up with a really interesting and original idea. While some students can generate decent topics rather easily, others have plenty of difficulties during this step. Here are several suggestions that you may pick to write your essay.

  1. Love and friendship.
  2. These are two strong feelings that have many things in common but differ from each other greatly.

  3. Astronomy and astrology.
  4. Both subjects are related to outer space, but does this make them similar to each other?

  5. Capitalism and socialism.
  6. These are two different economic systems, but maybe they have something in common?

  7. Book and its television adaptation.
  8. The same story can be told in many different ways using different methods of illustration.

  9. Fascism and Nazism.
  10. These two ideologies are often mistakenly considered identical, but what are their differences?

  11. Hinduism and Judaism.
  12. Describe the difference and similarities of these two religions.

  13. Tragedy and comedy.
  14. Curiously enough, these two absolutely opposite genres have a lot of in common.

  15. Fantasy and sci-fi.
  16. What is the difference between unicorns and aliens?

  17. Campaign speeches and church sermons.
  18. These subjects serve different purposes but often have similar contents.

  19. Birds and dinosaurs.
  20. Is tyrannosaurus just a giant chicken?

Keep in mind that you may structure your compare and contrast essay in different ways. Some students prefer to fully describe the first subject, list the features of the second subject, and finally compare them to each other. Others, on the other hand, like to discuss the differences of both subjects first and then move on to their similarities. It’s up to you what method to choose.

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