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Composing An Effective Conclusion For An Essay About Smoking

Smoking is an important subject that has numerous connotations, not just related to our physical wellbeing but also on the society and environment. It is recommended that students delve into this topic to try and understand its widespread impact and also to raise awareness about the issue. Writing an essay is a good way to do this but the tricky part comes when you need to pen a suitable conclusion.

What you need to know about the conclusion?

When you conclude your paper, it does not imply that you simply summarise all the points that you have covered throughout your work. It is important that the conclusion explains to the readers of your paper the overall message that you are trying to get across. Moreover, the objective of your argument must be stated clearly and it should be stated in a clear and direct manner. The best way to end your paper is to take a thought-provoking approach that looks towards the future of smoking. You need to understand that the conclusion of your essay needs to close the discussion without closing off any room for further debate on the sensitive subject of smoking.

Maintaining the structure of your conclusion

There is no fixed method for writing the conclusion to your paper on smoking. In fact, if you choose to follow a single sort of structure involving the conclusion, it might end up becoming formulaic and run-of-the-mill and that is not a good sign. You might consider looking up various samples to understand the right approach and then think about how to wrap things up regarding your paper on smoking.

What are the components that make up a good conclusion?

  • It is necessary that you provide an explanation of your ideas and findings on smoking within this section. The trick is to synthesise instead of summarising.
  • You could highlight how disparate points in your essay have come together to create a cohesive argument or idea.
  • The presentation of your conclusion is essential and you should understand the primary argument and message of your paper on smoking before you proceed. Think about what you want your readers to take away from your work.
  • You should state clear evidence in support of your paper.

Major issues

There are a couple of things that you should avoid including in your conclusion. For one, you should not simple summarise the entire essay or restate stuff that has already been covered. You should not present any new evidence or material.