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Top 22 Possible Discursive Essay Topics For College And High School

Writing a discursive essay is a lot like writing an argumentative one, but with a few differences. The purpose of a discursive essay vs. that of an argumentative one is that you are not only arguing one side of an issue but are presenting both sides equally, based on facts and research.

If you’re writing discursively, it is advisable to choose topics that are relevant to the present day media discussions and current events; though, of course, you do not have to be limited to these subjects. Read on for a list of the top 22 topics to pen paper on:

Possible Discursive Essay Topics for High School and College

  1. With regards to the current educational system, should there be less emphasis put on academics and more emphasis put on teaching social acclimatization and life skills?
  2. What are the short and long-term effects of children’s addiction to gaming and screen-related entertainment – both positive and negative?
  3. Should there be a ban on nuclear weapons worldwide?
  4. Should religion and politics be treated as separate issues by governments?
  5. Do smoking and drinking increase social ability and acceptance?
  6. Are the internet and social media hampering young people’s interpersonal skills?
  7. Does feminism reduce the possibility of a regular family and home life?
  8. Extra-curricular activities in school focusing on the students’ career prospects as opposed to what they consist of at present.
  9. Is peer pressure important to self-development?
  10. The importance of a degree vs. talent and skills in career building.
  11. Should people who are not disabled be allowed to live off benefits or does it promote laziness and lack of motivation?
  12. Should internet slang be made an official part of the English language?
  13. Should company superiors be allowed to evaluate an employee based on their social media profiles?
  14. Should all countries begin using the same currency?
  15. Should there be stricter punishment for people involved in child abuse?
  16. Should criminals be granted leniency in the sentence for proven mental disorders?
  17. Should there be a limit on how much a criminal can pay a lawyer to represent them?
  18. Is the current grading system in schools an accurate representation of the student? Should the grading system be changed?
  19. Is the easy availability of information on the internet causing more harm than good?
  20. The effect of social media on modern relationships and breakups.
  21. Do social media profiles promote cheating in relationships, or make it easier?
  22. Should men and women be allowed to compete against each other in sports events?

While this is not a comprehensive list, it includes a number of relevant issues that can definitely provide a springboard for a great discursive essay. Choose a topic that you are passionate about and you are certain to be able to construct a thoughtful and well-written paper.