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The 12 Best Investigative Essay Topics For High School Students

When writing an investigative essay, you ideally want to be as objective as possible with any outcomes that you discuss. Of course, there may be occasions where you might look at things from a subjective point of view; however, by using facts and information to back up any points that you make, you can ensure that you are as objective as possible and, therefore, your investigative essay can be of a high quality, based on credible evidence.

In order to ensure that your paper is of a high standard, it is important that any research is carried out using reliable and accurate sources. Furthermore, any facts and data that you provide should be verifiable, and any sources used should be referenced or cited.

With this in mind, it is a good idea to pick a topic that will enable you to carry out detailed research using respected sources. Therefore, you should not pick a topic that will be virtually impossible to investigate effectively. To give you some ideas of the kind of things that you can write about, you may wish to look at the 12 suggestions that have been listed below.

  1. Has the European Union succeeded in its original goals?
  2. Has the war on drugs succeeded in reducing the number of drug users around the world?
  3. Has the heightened security measures used by airports around the world since the 9/11 attacks helped to reduce the possibility of further terrorist attacks occurring?
  4. Have speed cameras help to reduce the number of accidents and deaths on the road?
  5. Has social media changed the way in which we view the friendships?
  6. Have countries done enough to support the demands of them as a result of the Kyoto agreement?
  7. Has the United Nations done enough to prevent atrocities from occurring around the world since it was formed?
  8. Has the three strikes and you’re out rule help to reduce crime or has it just increased prison populations unnecessarily?
  9. Has China overtaken the United States as the world’s most important superpower?
  10. Considering the energy requirements and environmental damage caused as a result of the production and shipping of hybrid cars, have they helped to reduce pollution and environmental harm, when compared with regular vehicles?
  11. Has the West done enough to help Africa tackle the AIDS epidemic?
  12. Has the Internet made people less intelligent?