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Choosing A Compelling Topic For Your Narrative Essay

If you are to write a narrative paper in the near future, you should be able to choose a topic that interests your examiner and the readers at large. There are several topics from which you may choose. But the one that you choose for your paper should be able to connect with the ideas you have and more importantly, with what you know about the subject in general.

It is important that you choose a good topic because you will find several ways in which things, places, people and phenomena can be narrated. Once you choose the right topic or prompt, you will be able to apply a personal touch to the paper.

The role of creativity

The first issue is creativity. It is only when you have creative cope to deal with the topic that you are able to find better expression to state what you want. While there are many people who are creative just by nature, some have to imbibe it as they go.

Objectivity is important as well

The paper may be about narrating something, someplace or some incident. But the topic must be objective and sharp. The reader should know what is being talked about in the subject merely by having a look at the topic of the paper. This is why it is so important to care for the objectivity of the paper as well.

What should not be there in the topic?

When you are bent on choosing the best topic for the paper, you should be equally concerned about things that should not be included in the paper as well. There are several people who believe that topics should deal with the subject only.

While it is fine to confine the topic to your subject, you may also choose to veer a little provided you have significant knowledge on what you are talking about.

Compelling narrative essay topics

Here are some compelling topics for narrative essays.

  • Narrate an incident when you were lost and alone
  • Describe your favorite meal and why you like it
  • Narrate an experience of going back in time through your dream
  • Narrate the time when you saw the weirdest thing of your life
  • Narrate the ideal characteristic of an animal you would like to be
  • Narrate the experience of owning a gadget of your dreams
  • Tell readers about the time when you participated in a drawing competition