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A Comprehensive Tutorial On How To Write An Essay For High School

The essay is an important literary tool used in most, if not all, forms of education and academic research. It can be used to portray an idea, describe a scene, tell a fictional story or introduce a new discovery to the world and there are many popular styles in practice, with many institutes showing preference for a particular style or styles. At the high school level, you will most likely be doing a mixture of these groups and it is useful to identify which style is most suited for each task Regardless of the style or application, there certain key features that every essay should have, features I will outline in the following four points.

  1. Introduction or thesis statement.
  2. The introduction or thesis statement section found in most high school curriculum follows certain guidelines that should be adhered to by the student in order to gain maximum grades when assessed. Even when writing fictional pieces there is a natural syntax that is required. Think amply on this aspect of the paper because creating one that’s concise and sufficiently paced can steer the mood of the reader in your direction.

  3. Presentation of information.
  4. Presenting the information on an experiment or detailing a story line falls within the fictional bracket of high school compositions should be expressed here. The data should be constructed and edited to be an easy read where values or apparatus descriptions are easily understood by the reader. There’s little hope for drama, action or even fantasy story if the target readers are not captivated by this part of the paper.

  5. Analysis and discussion.
  6. For the science based reports and articles there are regulations for this section of the paper. Proper analysis and documentation of the processes and methods of the experiment or event should be explicitly and meticulously expressed here. Make sure not to omit any mishaps or happenings that were not part of the original thesis statement for these bits of information can make or break the report.

  7. Conclusion.
  8. Finally, the last sector of a science based paper should contain all the pertinent summaries and affiliated conclusions that accurately produces various conclusions that may be useful in other experiments. Highlighted also should be the solutions and findings that can be used in other types of experiments. There are many stories in the genre of action and drama where the writer can reveal the true plot and following finale.