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How To Write A 9th Grade Response To Literature Essay

A literature essay concerns itself with the worth and girth of a literary piece. You need to present its highs and pitfalls and also present emphasis on different aspects; character evolution; sketch of the story, sequential progression; whether the story is one-dimensional or multi-layered.

Readymade knowledge

Now, while writing a 9th grade response to the literary piece, you should come out as well-heeled on the book. You should strain out the effects of segments and how and where those segments indicate at.

  • -Firstly, you should conjure interesting snippets to keep readers happy and urged. You should mention the one brilliant part about the book and then dissect it with clinical accuracy. In the same vein, you should pick the one weak point and then strengthen it with value and resonance.
  • -Secondly, you should be clearly read about the tone and diction of the book. You should make out whether he book is contradicting or direct; positive or persuasive. This will affect your decision on whether to recommend or refute the book.
  • -Thirdly, you should summarize the book and then do the same at leisure. The second summary should be crafted in keeping with the premises the book goes through. You will naturally encounter crossroads where your perception changes dramatically.
  • -Fourthly, you should be aware of the relevance of the book in connection wit modern times. A fresh book with ubiquitous feeling is generally a good read. You should be critical of anachronistic books, even if they garnered good reviews during their time.
  • -Fifthly, you should make a fair response to the quality and gravity of the book. A book where characters are brought to life; storyline keeps grasping you at the toenails and the movement is just sensational is got to be eulogized.
  • -Sixthly, you should give enough attention to the structure of your response as well as the headline you choose. This is your starting gunfire and you cannot make a mess here.
  • -Seventhly, your assessment and dissection should be clear and transparent with no prejudice or bias. This will render a rare freshness to your response.
  • -You should of course proofread your response essay once or twice. Check if you have missed something special or emphasized a blunt point.

Of course, since you read in the 9th standard, you are expected to make certain mistakes. Don’t be troubled if you feel the road going zigzag. Success meets you at the corner.