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20 Excellent Compare And Contrast Essay Topic Ideas For College Students

A compare and contrast essay can be an assignment for any grade and on any subject. It is one of the preferred writing styles used to instill critical thinking in students. A few examples are enough to get the students to understand the basics of the idea.

A topic determines the reception your paper gets. An interesting topic makes readers curious to the point of reading through the entire paper. Further, your topic must be strong enough to capture the imagination of a reader. It must clearly state the subject of discussion and be very specific on the aspects being discussed. This helps a reader to generate legitimate expectations which should be met in the body of your paper.

A compare and contrast paper requires you to understand the qualities or features of items being discussed. It is from this understanding that you can identify their similarities and differences. Ensure that the description given of similarities and differences is clear. Here are fresh ideas for a compare and contrast essay for college students.

  1. Security and user experience for apple and Microsoft products
  2. Classical arts Vs contemporary art
  3. American football and soccer
  4. Comparison and contrast of a presidential system and monarchy
  5. Having a dog or a cat for a pet
  6. The history of Islam and that of Christianity
  7. The Super Bowl final Vs the Football World Cup final
  8. A single parent family and a family with both parents
  9. Studying sciences as opposed to arts
  10. The influence celebrities have on teenagers compared to that of parents
  11. Compare and contrast natural beauty and cosmetics induced beauty
  12. The state of the economy under democrats and under republicans
  13. Investing in bonds compared to investing in stocks
  14. The benefits of socialism Vs capitalism
  15. The strength of social networks with technology and without technology
  16. The musical styles of Beethoven and Mozart
  17. The use of helicopters and planes
  18. The bond between family and that between friends
  19. Political organization in college and politics at national level
  20. Watching movies Vs reading novels

To produce a captivating compare and contrast essay required detailed understanding. You must also be objective since you are not required to give a personal opinion. Ensure that the similarities are self evident and not forced. The differences should also be clear and pulling in different directions.