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Selecting Fresh Narrative Essay Topics For College Students

If you have never written a narrative before, welcome to college, this is the one place where you will surely be writing so many of these papers over the near future. Take some time and think about how well this could materialize for you. Narratives are really brilliant papers because they are always focused on your point of view. In this case the reader does not care about anything other than your story. You will be asked to narrate almost anything that can come to mind. Most of the time there are no limits to what you can write because it is your personal story.

Other than that however, if you are asked to narrate something that everyone knows, then in this case there is a good chance that you will basically have to make sure that you do not exaggerate your perceptions. That being said however, this is the kind of work that requires a lot of emphasis on your personal views. You need to worry more about how you can use your freedom of creativity to build a really good paper.

The following are some simple essay topics that you can think about when you are writing a narrative essay in college:

  • - Imagine you won the lottery. What would you do?
  • - Given the chance to be a superhuman, what superpower would you wish for?
  • - Of all the eras in the history of mankind, if you were to choose one other than the current era which one would you prefer to live in?
  • - What do you like about/ do not like about growing up in the public eye, especially if you were living with celebrity relatives?
  • - Outsourcing is an important element of business in the world today. Given the possibility that you run a large company, which elements of the organization would you outsource?
  • - What are some of the things that you would love to learn of your own volition?
  • - People are normally impatient when waiting in line. This is something that happens every so often. However there are some instances when you would not mind waiting in one of the longest lines ever. Discuss an event or something that is of interest to you that you would not mind waiting in a long line for
  • - What are some of the biggest questions you have about life which have never been answered?