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10 Attention-Grabbing Rhetorical Analysis Essay Writing Prompts

Essay is the one thing that we have been with from the begging of our education journey. It has helped us to grow all the important cardinalities within us so that we can write good stuffs in whatever category or on whatever idea we want to. It has basically helped us to grow the sense of writing and explaining things in our own words. The more we have grown stronger in it the better have we grown our writing capabilities.

How to choose a topic :

  1. The first thing about choosing a topic is that you have to be sincere about knowing all the things that you can about the subject. The more you are in to the subject the better topics you can get to write upon.
  2. You have to be sure about the future potential of the work. You should not be choosing any topic to write upon. It should have some basic importance.
  3. You should be aware of the fact that the topics should be having good social relevance so that the people can relate themselves with it.
  4. It should never be dull or boring. It might be intellectual but it should always be interesting to grab the attention of people.

10 attentions grabbing rhetorical analysis essay:

  1. Write about what you know of the Emancipation proclamation speech of Abraham Lincoln. Discuss in details the things that have been spoken about there.
  2. Have an analysis on Mario Cuomo’s speech on “Shining city on the hill” and write whatever you have felt about it and how would reason with it?
  3. The Pearl Harbour speech of Franklin D Roosevelt is one of the most famous speeches. Try to formulate a detailed analysis of it.
  4. “Mission Accomplished” speech of George W Bush. Write whatever you know about it.
  5. Formulate an analysis on john F Kennedy’s Berlin speech.
  6. What are you thought about the monologue of Lady Macbeth when she has lost her nerve? How do you recollect it with the modern day conditions?
  7. What are your views about the breaching of trust by Brutus in Julius Ceaser. How do you analyse it?
  8. The short story “Fly” by Katherine Mansfield is celebrated as one of the most intense story ever. Why?
  9. Form an analysis on the speech made by Octavious Ceaser before the battle began. How much is it a revengeful speech?
  10. “I have been to the Mountain top” speech by Martine Luther king Jr. Explain it?