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A Tried And Tested Method To Organize An Illustration Essay

If you have an illustration essay to write, the more organized you can be in its composition, the better it will be. Here’s what you need to know to get started:

What is an illustration essay?

An illustration essay doesn’t use pictures as illustrations! Rather, this paper is all about including examples to illustrate your points. In fact, every paper you write will need to include examples, so the more you can get this one right, the more you will be able to use the skills on future papers.

Research is crucial!

Whatever the topic of your illustration essay is, you will first need to perform research. Once you have done this, you should get your notes into order and work out what you want to include in your paper and what goes together well. At this point, you can correlate the research and decide which examples you want to use to illustrate your points. Make sure that you have enough source citation to accompany each part of the paper that needs illustrating.

Organize your paper.

Like any other paper, the more organized you are, the better your finished product will be. So don’t just plan what examples and content you want to include. Also make a rough outline for your whole paper before you even start the first draft. Work out what content is going where, work out how many chapters you will require and what the identity of each one is.

The structure.

Your paper should consist of an introduction, the main body text (the chapters) and the conclusion. To be best organized, the introduction is actually best written last. This way you will already know what content is in your paper, as you will have already written it. The introduction should introduce the main topic, narrow it down to the specific subject being discussed, state your aims and objectives and what you hope to conclude.

The chapters should be organized as above.

The conclusion should restate your aims, summarize the main points of your illustrated body text and conclude in an overall and satisfactory way.

Re-read and edit.

Before you begin writing a first draft, if you have worked out the content previously, it will be a lot easier to begin the writing process. Once you’ve written a first draft, don’t stop there. You should re-read and edit until you are completely happy with your finished result.