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College Essay Prompts: 24 Intriguing Questions

Being well versed with some of the most common essay prompts is essential to every student, irrespective of the stage or the level of education. These questions enable them to maintain relevancy in their work with respect to the type of the question to be responded to. To craft a competent prompt, the following prerequisites apply. If you are a rooky in writing, you should cohere to the 24 intriguing questions below:

  1. Elaborate on an experience that forever changed your life
  2. Describe the importance of joining your current college
  3. Currently, what do you refer to as your long term goals to be achieved later in life?
  4. What plans do you have in mind to work on as soon as you complete your first college degree?
  5. If you find an opportunity to adjust a single moment in life, would you prefer to do so? If yes, why and what moment would you modify? If no, why not?
  6. Which movie or novel has impacted the greatest influence in your life? Why?
  7. If only one admission chance is remaining, why do you think your college would say yes to your application and not to another different student?
  8. If you could be able to turn yourself into an animal, what animal would you turn to and why?
  9. Expound on non-academic tasks you have accomplished in life and how they have ameliorated you.
  10. Among the multiple histories available in the record, which ones most interests you and why?
  11. What do you regard to be the strongest political movement in your country in the 20th century? Give reasons for your answer.
  12. What pieces advice would you give to a rooky who has just joined the college?
  13. Give one quotation that clearly defines your life and relate the two effectively
  14. Has your neighborhood had any influence on your behavior? How?
  15. Which person has greatly influenced your entire life most positively? How unparalleled is he or she from the rest?
  16. If your first name was an acronym, what exactly do you think it would stand for? Relate the two.
  17. What unequaled thing makes you to be where you are today?
  18. Which is your best discipline of interest?
  19. Point out one law that you think is unfair to the people.
  20. Imagine you are crafting your autobiography of 300 pages. What would you say on the 200th page?
  21. What nickname best defines your character?
  22. Tell us about termites.
  23. Give one question that has completely changed the way you view the world.
  24. Give the roles of sports in your life.