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24 Common College Essay Writing Prompts You Can Explore

When you are in college, you want to make sure that your grades stay high. In this way you will be sure that you join a good university and you have a good career. Of course, this means that every assignment needs to be written with great care and responsibility, even the hard ones like the essays. Sometimes your professor will ask you to choose a topic by yourself, so you need some writing prompts to inspire you:

  1. Smoking: a danger for the future generation.
  2. Is religion the answer to our questions?
  3. Siblings: are they our friends forever?
  4. Gay marriage in a judgmental society.
  5. Bullying in schools; how can this affect our future?
  6. Are uniforms a threat to our creativity?
  7. Technology is improving our social life.
  8. We are living our lives on the Internet?
  9. Animal abuse and humanity.
  10. Why being honest is important?
  11. Divorce affects children more than adults.
  12. Laws can’t be applied when people don’t want to follow them.
  13. Alcohol is the cause of many of our problems.
  14. Globalization will destroy our culture. The language is slowly being changed by external influences.
  15. Language barriers and how can we remove them. Many companies do this by choosing a common language that all employees need to know.
  16. How life will be in the future? We will be able to live on the Moon?
  17. Should countries be allowed to own nuclear weapons?
  18. Criminals and how to reintegrate them in the society.
  19. Is the government spying on us? Is this acceptable if it is for security reasons?
  20. A feminist society. Do you think that being feminist should be common all over the world?
  21. Child labor. Many people blame this practice, but in some countries families can survive only if children work.
  22. Third world countries. Discuss about what we can do as normal citizens to improve this countries. Maybe you and your colleagues can even start a project together.
  23. Gay marriage. Every human has the right to lead a free life, as long as what they do does not harm others. In this case, why gay marriage is still not approved in many countries? Should we blame religion for this?
  24. Rules and teenagers. The more you try to force a teenager to do something, the more he will refuse.