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Top 18 Popular College Essay Topics On Up-To-Date Problems

There are varied things to write about when you are attempting to write an essay. The topics have multiple perspectives and one has to understand which one to hold and how to continue. The more you will be accustomed with writing about problematic stuffs the better will your civic sense grow. Have a thorough research done about the problems before writing it. Try to have surveys in your local area to get data and facts.

Topics about popular college essay on up-to-date problem.

  1. What are the most influential methods that can be used to reduce the pollution problem that occurs from public transport?
  2. Should there be a restriction on the gambling age for minors?
  3. Are you sure of the fact that meditation helps in relieving stress- discuss?
  4. Every school should have a separate health class to make the children aware of the situations.
  5. What about the idea of two child limit in US- is us getting overcrowded?
  6. There should be a minimal charge for entering in to college and rest should be free.-discuss.
  7. College should take initiatives to pay the young athletes who are playing for the college.
  8. Classes of different college might sometimes be taken together in a different place, help sin student interaction- discuss.
  9. There should be a restriction based on the home location for choosing schools to study in- discuss.
  10. Marijuana should be made legal and should be allowed in streets- discuss.
  11. People should be from childhood made to do community services and this will lead to a lot of activities in them for future.
  12. What are the consequences of divorces on the young children and how can it be solved?
  13. Drinking and driving is one of the most problematic things in our society and it should be controlled- discuss how?
  14. Social studies should be a compulsory subject for the students till college- discuss.
  15. AIDS patients should not be mishandled in the society, they should be taken care of- Discuss how?
  16. How to prevent teenagers from dropping out from school and what things should be done to prevent it?
  17. Tax system should be changed and should be considerably higher for the people who are filthy rich- discuss?
  18. Gen control is one of the most important thing necessary in US and how to do it should be discussed within the government and taken immediate action.