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Top 22 Interesting Opinion Essay Topics You Can Explore

As a teenager, it is vital to have a healthy opinion regarding different issues and to support it no matter what. You want to share this opinion with different people and see if they bring something new in discussion, so why not write an opinion essay? You will have the chance to know more about your classmates and they will think about your perspective. Here are some interesting topics to explore:

  1. Intercultural marriage. It is good to marry someone who comes from another culture? What problems will this bring in the future?
  2. Adoption laws. The government is making the adoption process very difficult. Is this necessary to protect the children or it’s just unnecessary bureaucracy?
  3. Homosexual marriage. Should same sax partners have the right to marriage?
  4. Parents consent in marriage. Do you think that parents should have the right to choose a partner for their child? Why yes or why not?
  5. Fast food consumption. Why is it important to prevent children and teenagers from eating fast-food?
  6. Electronic voting. Some countries already implemented it while others consider this for the future.
  7. Public transportation and personal car; which one is better?
  8. Uniforms in high school. Will students feel bad because they can’t express their own personality through clothes?
  9. Assisted suicide. Express your opinion and explain it.
  10. The right to refuse the treatment. Should doctors allow a patient to die if he refuses treatment?
  11. Custody rights. Which parent should have more rights over the child in case of divorce?
  12. Drinking alcohol in public.
  13. Driving at 16 years old.
  14. Should the army be obligatory in all countries?
  15. The right to own a gun; are laws too restrictive?
  16. Animal abuse and what punishments aggressors should receive.
  17. Changing the religion; a person should be blamed if he wants to change his religion?
  18. Home schooling and what influence it can have over teenagers.
  19. Nepotism. What should the governments and companies do to prevent nepotism and corruption?
  20. Taxes. Is it necessary to pay taxes? Why should a person pay a part of his income to the government?
  21. Computers in the classroom. If students would have computers they could find information much easier. Do you think that this would distract them or help them?
  22. Is depression a disease?